Empty Nesters: More honey eaters in Darwin

honey-eatersWell these little honey eaters have been busy again with two babies taking flight just a few days ago.

They are busy in the Temple Bells tree collecting nectar but they like the protected area near the kitchen window as the prime real estate for their nest sites.

There’s another couple busy on another plant so looks like we’ll be seeing even more of these little ones soon.

Each nest seems to be stronger than the last so guess practice makes perfect.

Project ‘repot’

We’ve spent a few weeks working on a project to repot most of the plants.

This is a “must do job” after the wet season to make sure the plants don’t end up with centre rot.

It’s also a good time to check for Black Spot on you Bromeliads and treat to reduce spread of this pest.

We’ve also been adding Orchid bark to the orchids and fertilizing everything in sight!

Rosella jam

The Rosellas we planted before the wet have flowered and are almost ready to pick so I guess making jam will be next on the agenda.

New photo’s of the rooms and our home coming soon.


Carol & Co



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