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Make Darwin your playground this Dry Season

Like a butterfly or dragon fly emerging from their chrysalis, Darwin is again in wake up mode. The next few months will see a flurry of energy, excitement and activities you never thought possible. So now is the time to come and make Darwin and the Northern Territory your playground! Put the pedal to metal […]

Empty Nesters: More honey eaters in Darwin

Well these little honey eaters have been busy again with two babies taking flight just a few days ago. They are busy in the Temple Bells tree collecting nectar but they like the protected area near the kitchen window as the prime real estate for their nest sites. There’s another couple busy on another plant […]


Well the Dragon Flies are hatching and buzzing around and the baby birds are hatching back in the pot plants in the side garden but…. the storm clouds are still around and the “knock ’em down” rains are yet to come so there’s a few mixed messages around at the moment. Humidity is up so […]

Well its official -The Wet / Green Season has arrived.

After our first short burst of the wet season, we’ve sweltered in high temperatures and high humidity until the tropical low finaly decided to decend onto our shores. The temperature has dropped to a “high” of a comfortable 30 degrees so it’s a nice change. The rain has been falling for a couple of days […]

Cyclone Alert

Well Cyclone Alessia breezed through the Top End last weekend and managed to blow things around a bit and dump a lot of rain.  Our guests from Wisconsin didn’t seem phased by the experience and watched the Tracking map from the BOM web site. Now I see from the latest reports the cyclone has reformed […]

Thank you all from the Friends!

I have just had a conversation with one of the team from the Botanic Gardens and he reporst that the Plant Sale last weekend was a humongous success.  Not only did they sell all their plants but the made a lot of money to go into some of the projects they plan to do to […]

It’s on again – Legally get a plant from the garden!!

The  friends of the Darwin Botanic Gardens plant sale is on again on Sunday 10th November from 9 am – 1pm – Cash only  – Refreshments and produce available from “Snakebeaners” community gardeners. If you have any empty pots, please bring them along to donate for our future use. Well what a great morning at […]

Introducing Bromelia sylvicola

Geoff is wary of this bromeliad which starts life as a fairly normal green and when conditions are right, the leaves flush and turn Red.  A bud appear in the centre and as the plant grows so does the bud which gradually emerges until it’s the size, shapt and colour of a tennis ball.  Gradually the ball […]