Carol’s Treasure Map

carol-and-her-treasure-map Photo Steve DavisI love Darwin and the Northern Territory and this is the map of some of my favourite locations and businesses.

Use this map before you stay with us to plan some activities but remember I would be more than happy to talk to you about my Top End ‘treasures’ when you arrive.

Recent guests from USA visited the East Point Military Museum and were astounded to find such an impressive collection in Darwin.  They had no idea that Australia had been bombed during the Second World War and could not believe there was an extensive display of Browning’s (her maiden name) as part of the collection.

This is not Geo cache but is about looking around at each destination when you arrive.  Each location offers some unique feature eg. The Museum and Art Gallery has a great beach to watch the sun set but inside are some Territory Treasures and examples of our changes in lifestyle.  Take a walk through the Cyclone Tracy displaly or if you were here then see

OR The University while being “the seat of learning” also provide two specific unexpected public gardens which provide quiet oasis among the clusters of buildings of Uni life.

Enjoy your adventure!

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