Introducing Bromelia sylvicola

The plant growsThe leaves turn red and the bud appearsGeoff is wary of this bromeliad which starts life as a fairly normal green and when conditions are right, the leaves flush and turn Red.  A bud appear in the centre and as the plant grows so does the bud which gradually emerges until it’s the size, shapt and colour of a tennis ball.  Gradually the ball bursts into a myriad of white flowers with purple centres.  The nectar attracts the ants who then explore the flower.  As the flower blooms, seed pods appear and graduallly the flower dies and the leaves start to revert to their original colour.  About this time the pot usually gets out of shape as the off shoots try to work their way to the surface.  Finally, the offshoots are removed, the parent plant discarded and the babies can be replanted to start the process all over again.



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